Holistic Treatments & Courses

Self care is so important indulge in a relaxing treatment




Relaxation Massage is a rejuvenating and relaxing massage to increase oxygen in the blood and tissues to help release toxins such as lactic acid from the muscles. Will renew and stimulate the skin reducing cellulite, speeding up metabolism, improving lymphatic drainage. It can also help reduce stress and aid with better sleep patterns.

Luxury Jade Roller Facial starts with a relaxing face massage using a jade roller, cleanse, toner and your choice of face mask then hydrating moisturiser to finish using 100% natural skin care range

Regular facials can boost collagen, slow the aging process helping to rejuvenate the skin. Relieve facial tension, boost elastin and improve blood circulation. Tighten and tone the skin.

Reiki Healing is a powerful non-evasive treatment that works by connecting to the universal life force which surrounds us all. Rebalancing the chakra energy system to help bring you back into harmony and balance. Reiki can be used to alleviate pain, combat stress and help with relaxation for better sleep.

All treatments  £35 for 60mins

OFFER Thursday only all treatments £25


Level 1 Beginners Course £200-12th Dec

Level 2 Practitioners Course £250

Usui Shiki Ryoho – The usui system of natural healing is done by the laying of hand. This allows the energy to flow from the source, through the practitioner to the recipients, This process will release any blockages or imbalances in the recipients body at all levels physically, mentally and emotionally promoting a balancing state of wellbeing and peace.

Max 4 places on each course

Bookings and payment by bank transfer Please call 07545835667 

Cancellation Policy once booked is Non refundable Non transferable due to course reduced Group size and daily treatment limitations set by the government and being a small business