Since a double hip replacement and additional revision surgery two years ago, I have been plagued with complications with my left leg, constant limping, pain and discomfort. My surgeon was at a loss to diagnose, let alone treat these problems, but eight weeks on from starting yoga classes, my discomfort has been dramatically reduced and my mobility is much improved and I am committed to continuing my practice in the hope that these problems will continue to resolve.

Dominic Hagerty

The Doctor’s solution to my ongoing back pain was strong painkillers, and in a bid to find a more natural way forward, and having practiced yoga in the past, I began having lessons with Barbara over a year ago. Within six weeks, 2 years of suffering disappeared, but yoga has given me so much more than pain relief! Yoga has brought me an awareness of myself, a mental and emotional calmness that I have not experienced in my life before and an acceptance of who I am. Add to that a degree of flexibility that I never thought I could achieve, a strong and toned body that has completely changed shape, and a whole new group of friends who are like minded, kind and giving, well, what’s not to love! Ananda Yoga Centre has become a place that I look forward to visiting, it is a joyful and friendly place where everyone is welcomed with a smile and everyone leaves on a cloud of lightness and calm.

Judith Hagerty

I have been coming to Barbara’s classes for over a year. I can honestly say that it has changed my life in the way that I feel more balanced emotionally and don’t allow life to stress or worry me. I feel more flexible and healthy as I do believe that the toxins drain from my body now. Barbara is a fab teacher who knows how to challenge everyone individually. Thanks!

Frankie (aged 8) thinks yoga is amazing and fun, she loves learning new things.

Emma and Frankie Wadbrook-McLay

We started yoga with Barbara over a year ago on a 1-2-1 basis one day a week to improve our flexibility and general fitness. We now come to 2 classes at Ananda Yoga Centre as well as our 1-2-1 sessions and love the way we have been able to progress into shoulder stands and headstands.

Yoga has become a part of our lives now thanks to Barbara, and we even try and incorporate it into our holidays. We do it as a family activity, with our daughter also practicing to help her flexibility in her dancing.

The Seville family

Yoga is fantastic for relaxation and enjoyment.

Sophie M aged 9

Yoga at Ananda Yoga Centre is really enjoyable and is helping me when I dance.

Eva S aged 10

We only started practicing yoga with Barbara as a family this year, and have found it very rewarding and beneficial. Each session is different and challenging and invigorates both your mind and body. Because you can work at your own pace and as far as your body will let you, each session you can push as far as you want. It means that you can put in and take away as much as you need. Every Saturday after our yoga session with Barbara, we leave feeling very good, full of energy and relaxed.

Dave, Debbie and Freya Mullerworth

My love of yoga has been reignited by Barbara and the centre. It is such a lovely place to practice in, a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere. My son also attends the children’s yoga sessions and really loves it. I can’t recommend the centre highly enough.

Rae Carr

I just love my yoga three times a week with Barbara, I wouldn’t be without it. The atmosphere is beautiful and feeds the soul, everyone is so friendly and relaxed.

Jayne George

I discovered yoga just two years ago with Barbara, and I love it. The opening of the centre gives me the opportunity to come often and I really feel comfortable and connected with Barbara for my practice. The centre provides a friendly and holistic experience.

Laurence Bisot

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