“Within Six Weeks, 2 Years of Suffering Disappeared”

The Doctor’s solution to my ongoing back pain was strong painkillers, and in a bid to find a more natural way forward, and having practiced yoga in the past, I began having lessons with Barbara over a year ago. Within six weeks, 2 years of suffering disappeared, but yoga has given me so much more than pain relief! Yoga has brought me an awareness of myself, a mental and emotional calmness that I have not experienced in my life before and an acceptance of who I am. Add to that a degree of flexibility that I never thought I could achieve, a strong and toned body that has completely changed shape, and a whole new group of friends who are like minded, kind and giving, well, what’s not to love! Ananda Yoga Centre has become a place that I look forward to visiting, it is a joyful and friendly place where everyone is welcomed with a smile and everyone leaves on a cloud of lightness and calm.

Judith Hagerty